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Brooklyn Bridge


Our Story

Based in New York City, Digital Bridges Alliance (DBa) pairs international partnerships with local expertise to transform NYC into a more livable, sustainable, and technologically-advanced city. The team works with global companies that face geographic, cultural, and operational barriers to entry into the US market while facilitating meaningful partnerships that have a positive impact on New York communities.

Organizations in the green energy, healthcare, smart cities, and workforce development sectors must navigate particularly difficult challenges. However, they offer solutions from diverse perspectives that may be applied to solve problems that persist in the city. DBa works with international partners and local alliance members to create customized, borderless programs and projects. These may include international investment and sponsored funds, project implementation, and research and development. Many of DBa's partners leverage the latest advancements in technology, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), advanced materials (AdMs), and blockchain, creating potential collaboration with New York City’s vibrant innovation ecosystem.

DBa’s local network gives international partners access to service providers, incubators, accelerators, and industry-specific stakeholders, which, in turn, provides economic stimulus to New York City through job creation, increased tax revenue, and workforce upskilling. DBa believes in the power of international partnerships to foster knowledge exchange, capacity building, and resource mobilization, serving as an effective tool for driving social progress and economic growth.

Meet the Team


Co-founder & CEO

Paul J. Kang

  • LinkedIn

Co-founder & President

Denis Hurley

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